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Very confident that my animals are very well taken care of when I board them here. Have used bothering the kennels and cattery and have been very happy with both. Have also used the grooming service and found it very competitively priced. Both dogs looked beautifully groomed after their visit.

I cannot express how amazing these kennels are. My fur babies had a rough ordeal at a trusted kennels that i’d used for years! After that and knowing we were going away again I was anxious, Canada Farm could not have made me feel more at ease. They collected my babies, sat with them whilst they ate (problem that started from their bad ordeal) played cuddled them. I got pictures I got details of how they were xxx please do not take your dogs any where else x

Canada farm are amazing . The staff really care about the dogs and whenever we collect our dog he is always so happy and healthy and smells divine. We wouldn't leave our dog anywhere else.

Left my 3 dogs at Canada Farm for the first time yesterday. I was worried because 2 of them are rescue dogs and one of those has fear anxiety which makes her bark and snap. I told Marc but he was completely ok about it and so I left them for just one night to see how it went. I was amazed when I picked them up because Marc said although she barked a lot he had been stroking her and playing with her and the others with no problem. The staff are obviously very patient and caring with the animals and it clearly shows them they have nothing to fear. It is such a relief to know they are well looked after and I have booked them in for another stay in December. Thank you to all the team at Canada Farm you are brilliant.

I have a dog who is quite a handful and requires a few medications including injection. It has been very hard to find a kennel that I can trust after a nightmare experience elsewhere and I was dreading trying to find somewhere.

After looking around a few, Canada Farm stood above all the others with friendly, knowledgeable staff and I couldn’t have been happier.

When I told them of the medical issues with one of my dogs, they took a lot of time to understand the requirements and managed it flawlessly, and, my dogs seem very happy!

The place itself is in very good condition and seems quite modern with large spaces and runs for the dogs – no long rows/ double stacked spaces like a few others.

If I need to go away in the future, I would have no hesitation in using Canada Farm again!

Great place to leave the dogs. The staff was very polite and were very good applying vendaje and giving medication to one of our dogs. They can run free and the place is very clean. Outside Kennels have a room at the back with heating in the winter. Definitely recommended!

Always look after our dogs with the utmost care. When we go to pick them up, they don’t want to come back!

We have used Canada Farm for our cat and dogs several times each year for over 5 years and can’t praise them enough. The staff are highly experienced, very kind and professional and clearly all love the animals. They all come back looking well cared for and super fit after all the exercise they get! The grooming services are excellent too. We wouldn’t consider using anywhere else.

Back in February, a gruesome fall left me with a shattered knee. Poor Toby (my beloved King Charles Cavalier) was expecting me to return home, and instead I was left incapacitated in a hospital ward fretting about my pet’s plight. It was then I thought of Canada Farm Kennels.

Toby is a regular there when I go off on holiday. He always returns healthy, well-groomed and happy. After a couple of phone calls, the Canada Farm rescue team sprung into action. A taxi was sent, a neighbour let the driver in, and Toby was whisked away to safety, leaving me to concentrate on surgery and recovery. I miss Toby incredibly, but the separation has been made bearable with regular updates and photos, which included Toby and his playmates having fun in the snow, bringing a huge smile to my face.

It is rare these days to find people who care. It is rare to find people who will go that extra mile to help those in need. It is for this reason I would like to thank all the wonderful staff at Canada Farm Kennels for tending to Toby with the utmost kindness and generosity. I would also like to thank them for their thoughtful consideration for me during a difficult separation from my beloved pet. I am most grateful, and would thoroughly recommend Canada Farm Kennels to all pet owners out there!

Canada Farm is a superb place for our dog to stay – he has stayed several times and he loves it! The services are great (including the pick up / drop off service), the staff are very friendly and wonderful with the dogs and we had no hesitation in booking him to stay again and again. Highly recommend Canada Farm – thanks to the team there for looking after our boy so well, so often!

‘Like other owners, we are always concerned about leaving our dogs in the care of others when we are away. As we have three dogs our anxieties are multiplied, especially as two were rescued from overseas and one of those had a very sad past.

It is essential to us that our dogs stay together in a happy and caring environment, whether we are travelling on business or on holiday, and so we spent a lot of time looking for the right boarding kennel for them, given their very individual personalities and requirements, before we made our choice.

We were very comfortable with Canada Farm from the first visit and, over the years, our dogs have truly come to view it as a second home. Possibly our elderly Schnauzer is the only guest who scratches at the door to get in, but that tells us how much he enjoys it!‎ Canada Farm offers a brilliant balance of professional efficiency and caring attention (one of our dogs requires daily medication for a lifetime condition) and the staff are wonderful. We are never worried about leaving our dogs to board and would recommend Canada Farm and it’s personnel most highly.’

We have been boarding our dogs for many, many, years at Canada Farm Boarding Kennels. We trust the staff completely to take care of Sophie & Phoebe’s holiday, so that we can enjoy ours. We do not worry about Sophie’s medication as the staff are fully trained and trustworthy.

Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks!

Like most pet owners we are very particular about who looks after our boys and we really cannot praise Canada Farm enough. We have one good boy (a rescue) who can push his luck at times, and one very misunderstood boy who is over protective and knows what he likes and the staff at Canada a Farm are absolutely amazing. They know what does and doesn’t work for each of our boys and actually take the time to understand and have got to know them individually.

Our boys are totally safe and wonderfully looked after each and every time they stay at their holiday hotel, perhaps a little too well as one of them never wants to come home!

I always hate leaving them but know they are loved here and we highly recommend this kennels. Prices are exceptionally reasonable too,

Keep up the good work and we know we have a forever kennels for our boys! Thank you all!

My Standard Poodle, Poppy has been coming to Canada Farm boarding kennels regularly for four years, since she was a very nervous puppy. She always goes into the kennels happily and appears to enjoy her stays there.

The staff always appear to be happy in their work and there is a generous staff-dog ratio. The fact that the same familiar faces greet the dogs each time goes a long way toward making them feel at home.

Kay the dog groomer has a great rapport with Poppy. Her tail wags furiously when she sees Kay, and she is always keen to be pampered in the grooming parlour.

I have been very happy with all aspects of the service at Canada Farm, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a secure and caring place to board their dog.

Hi Canada Farm, we just wanted to say thank you for looking after our cat Yrsa so well when we were between homes. She was returned to us healthy and happy and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to our pet-owning friends and acquaintances.

I can’t thank Canada Farm enough! They have gone out their way as usual to make Coco and Ash’s stay both enjoyable and happy! My dogs have come back full of life and happy and rested! Which is unusual as they normally ignore me for about 3 days! Not this time. Many thanks to all your kind and caring staff.

Thank you so much for taking care of Stanley, and making it easier for me to leave him! Your staff gave me confidence and Stanley went off happily, meaning I could go away for a few days without worrying…too much. Also he looks very handsome and smells lovely after his bath and tidy up.

Just realised I never said thank you for taking such good care of Toffee! Hope she was no trouble! She came back looking fit and healthy. Happy New Year and surely see you next year for Toffee’s yearly holiday!

Thanks once again for all your good care of Flo, she seems well and happy, and is enjoying the squeaky bone from her stocking as I type! It’s great to know she is so well looked after when we have to leave her.

I can’t thank Canada Farm enough! They have gone out their way as usual to make Coco and Ash’s stay both enjoyable and happy!

My dogs have come back full of life and happy and rested! Which is unusual as they normally ignore me for about 3 days! Not this time.. Many thanks to all your kind and caring staff

We discovered Canada Farm some 3 years ago when our usual kennels were fully booked. How glad we were! We have never looked back. We have a Scottie called “Miss Lucy” and have inherited a Jack Russell called “Bernie”. Bernie is very nervous and came across as aggressive but Canada Farm taught us that in actual fact he was just looking for re-assurance and leadership. Through their help Bernie is a changed dog.

We recently moved to Norfolk but would not take our dogs anywhere else to be cared for whilst we are away. Lucy and Bernie love their stay and come home in an immaculate condition and not smelling of lying in their own urine which had been the case at our previous kennels.

We cannot recommend Canada Farm highly enough both for their care but also their friendly staff and just sheer professionalism.

If you’re pondering whether to use Canada Farm – don’t ponder any longer- your dogs will have a ball (excuse the pun!) and you will have peace of mind.

I’m so sorry for the delay in writing, I don’t know if you remember but you looked after our two hounds. One was very unwell with a nasty ear infection while we were away and I just wanted to thank you for all you did for her.

It was your vet that spotted that she was suffering from a skin allergy. Anyway after several consultations with a specialist in Chatham (and £2k later, thank goodness for insurance), she has made a full recovery! She has her ears cleaned with a special cleanser and we have changed her food and she is back to her old self.

I just wanted to say how thankful we are to you for looking after our hounds so well and that we will certainly be back with them next time we’re away. It’s so nice to know that they’re in safe hands and being looked after so well.

We have an English Bulldog and it was the first time we left her in a Kennel. She stayed there for 10 days and had a really good time with you guys. Thanks a lot! We will definitely leave her again with you in the future!

When Dora goes to Canada Farm Boarding Kennels she thinks it’s her going on holiday and always goes off wagging her tail.

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