Dog Boarding Kennels

We believe in giving your dog a real holiday when staying in our boarding kennels.


Your cat will feel at home while staying in our cattery.

Dog Grooming Parlour

We offer a personal, no rush service so that we can provide sparkling, well groomed, happy, stress free dogs.

Dartford Dog Boarding Kennels and Cattery

Canada Farm Dog Boarding Kennels and Cattery – Directions From Dartford, Kent.
(19 minutes by car).

Our Dog Boarding Kennels and Cattery are small and exclusive

We care about your dog or cat as much as you do. All cats and dogs from Dartford are welcome to take a holiday at Canada Farm Dog boarding kennels and cattery. We would love to show you around. Why not give us a visit before you book.

Facilities include: Dog kennel / boarding service, Cat Boarding / Cattery, Pet Taxi to drive your pets to our Kennels from Dartford. We also have an exclusive Dog Grooming Parlour that can be used during your pets stay, or why not pamper your pet at any time during the year.